Text-based Status Updates Is Now Available On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has just rolled out new updates on its app that now lets you write your updates status with a colorful background, font, and emoji combination. Facebook sometime last year rolled out this feature so it's no surprise they brought it all the way to WhatsApp.

Here is what the text-based status looks like on both mobile and web versions of the native app.
Mobile Version on iPhone 7 Plus

Web Version on Opera

If you have updated your app to the latest version you should see the "Status" button on your app. To update, simple tap on it and then go ahead to add any picture, background, font or emoji.
Also on the latest WhatsApp update, you can easily type text and bold, italicize or strikethrough in one single taping. While chatting, all you need do is type your text the hold the text and the BIU button option will appear for you to tap on it. See a screenshot below

Have you already updated your WhatsApp? Do you see these features already at work on your phone? Let me know in comment.

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