How To Easily Delete Copies Of Everything Google Saved When You Were Browsing Online

Sometimes you think because you are all alone in your room browsing that no other person sees or monitors what you are doing online. If you have had this mindset, then you will be shocked to know that Google is watching you real good!
One thing that makes Google an online monitoring tool is the fact that it has the biggest search engine market share worldwide. In other words, 75% of searches made globally online are done on Google! According to Searchinsights, Google process over 4.5 billion search queries per day. This single fact makes Google a world giant spy.

Still on the reason why Google has the ability to monitor what you do online, I paid a visit to Internet Live Stats, and in 02:46 seconds of staying on the page there were 47,746GB of Internet traffic and in about 0:03:54 seconds it rose to 11,169,965 Gigabytes since opening this page. This expalins the reason why the giant tech company records the highest search queries worldwide.

Search Activity: Information Google can save when you are browsing online.

There are two categories of information otherwise known as "Search Activity" Google can save both when you are online or offline without you knowing, they are;
  1. Info about your searches
  2. Info about your browsing

Info about your searches include:

  • Searches and other things you do on Google products and services, like Maps
  • Your location, language, IP address, and whether you use a browser or an app
  • Ads you click, or things you buy on an advertiser’s site
  • Information on your device like recent apps or contact names you searched for

Info about your browsing include:

  • Websites and apps you use
  • Your activity on websites and in apps that use Google services
  • Your Chrome browsing history
According to Google, these search activities are saved so as to make searches faster with better search results and suggestions and also to give you customized experiences.

Now that I have explained the reason why Google saves a copy of everything you do online when browsing, so you can decide to leave it at that or if you are paranoid or you wish not for Google to save a copy of any site or search you make online, there is something you can do to stop that! In other words, you can control what’s saved, and you can also delete your past searches and activity.

First, to have a first hand look of everything Google has stored about your online activities, simply go to My Activity to see list Google has for you. When you are there,  you can either choose to delete them one after the other or if you are transparent like me you leave them for future purposes or better customized experiences.

If you wish to delete or turn off the Web & and App Activity simply go to Activity Control and then deselect Web & App Activity and then uncheck “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services

If you have a Google account and you are signed while on Chrome with Chrome Sync turned on, your Chrome history will be saved. You can either delete by topic or by product.

Other activities you can control under Activity Control are Location History, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity, YouTube Search History, and YouTube Watch History.

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